The English translation of Elly by Lyn Marven will be published by Scribe Publications and the Finnish translation by Tuomas Renvall will be published by LIKE.

The English translation of Lange Tage/Long Days by Lyn Marven has been published by Comma in Manchester, UK. *

The Hungarian translation of HOCHzeiten/Mámor by Timea Pénzes is available at AB-ART, Bratislava. Order here The literary magazine Szoro Ko reviewed Mámor here . The Hungarian version ofthe story "Einmal Schweden" was published 2010 by one of the leading literary magazines of the country, Jelenkor in Pécs.

The manuscript of "Hochzeiten" is available in Croatian and "Lange Tage" in Serbian (as well as the story "The Hotel").
  • Selected stories from Lange Tage and Hochzeiten by Maike Wetzel have been published in:
  • Russian (Zeugen)
  • French (Fremde Fenster in Durchblick at Hatier, Paris, and Auf dem Eisernen Steg)
  • Italian (In der Zwischenzeit in Berlin Babylon at Mondadori/Milano)
  • Danish (Gras und Rüben in Hudlos kaerlighed at Host & Son/Kopenhagen)
  • Korean (Gras und Rüben in "Liebe bis aufs Blut" at Yoldaerim Publishing)
  • Czech (Arme Ritter und Hochzeiten)
  • Polish (exzerpts from Geister; Die Insel, Verdammt, Wozeck... and Schauder in festival catalogue for the International Short Story Festival Wroclaw 2007; Schauder in Ich oder Ja", WIR).

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